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Be Different,


About Us

Founded in the French Riviera, this line of colorful ready-to-wear clothing with a mix and match of pop, flashy, and pastel colors with a play on color lines. COLORBLOCK is inspired by the 1980s and aimed at a discerning audience.

In a Streetwear design, the brand redevelops the term ‘COLORBLOCK’ discovered by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s by playing with the association of colors and solid color blocks. We find this inspiration in architecture with shapes and colors but also in the world
of skateboarding and pop-art.

This Design is intended for a trendy, contemporary, rather young and positive public, looking for clothes that are pleasant to wear but know how to stand out. With a spirit of positivity in the choice of colors. This range of clothing promises a wide development potential that can play with both color shades and geometric shapes through its logo.

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The Designer

Former model on the international scene, this allowed him to build relationships in all trades related to sport, fashion and the influence of social networks. This experience made him learn the workings of fashion, and the ability to stand out despite the competition.

Thanks to his many travels, he was able to immerse himself in many cultures allowing him to create a unique clothing line, which him and his entourage would like to wear.

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